TENS Electrodes

TENS Electrodes and TENS Units

SAFE Electrodes are the most cost effective TENS Electrodes available.  Made in the USA and Latex Free, hypoallergenic Electrodes.  All SAFE products are FDA approved.

TENS Electrodes
•    Reusable Self Adhering TENS Electrodes
•    Reusable Hydro Gel .045″ thick for superior adhesion and comfort
•    Low impedance conductive carbon
•    LDPE wire for easy connect
•    Reinforced top laminate for extra durability
•    Latex Free
•    Extreme flexibility for better adhesion to the skin
All S.A.F.E. products are manufactured with premium hydrogels and conductive films.  Our TENS Units and TENS Electrodes are made to work with any skin type.  All of our electrodes are hypoallergenic and latex free.
S.A.F.E (Specialized Attachment For Electrodes) was founded through years of clinical trials and patient reviews.  This product line is a hybrid of the older style of electrodes and the newer more cost effective products.  Patients are going direct to the manufacturers of medical products every day.  The reason for this increase is the reimbursement for TENS Electrodes and TENS Units  by Medicare.  As these cutbacks increase the cost to patients suffering from chronic pain increase as well.
Fortunately, their is a solution to all these problems.  S.A.F.E., Inc. started into full production to alleviate both patient pain and the cost to them.  We offer a full range TENS Electrodes and TENS Units at a fraction of other distributors.  This is only possible because not only are we a distributor, but we are also the manufacturer.  Congratulations on taking one step closer to pain management through electrotherapy.  Take control of your pain using one of our TENS Units and TENS Electrodes.
Just click on the TENS Unit or TENS Electrodes you need and submit your order.  Start taking control of your pain today!
For more information on TENS Units and TENS Electrodes please visit www.safeelectrodes.com